What is SPINE?

SPINE is EmersonWRITES' annual anthology, written by the students of EmersonWRITES and published by the students of EmersonPUBLISHES. All students who enroll in an EmersonWRITES course have the opportunity to create, revise, and publish their writing in SPINE.

About the Name: Our EmersonWRITES anthology was first named SPINE (Student-Produced Interconnected Narratives at Emerson) in a brainstorm session with the 2014-15 faculty. After much discussion and deliberation, we decided on this name not only for its acronym, but for the symbolism and imagery evoked by the word "spine":

  • A backbone

  • Standing up (for what our students believe in)

  • Strength

  • Confidence

  • Connecting the body (what moves us through the world) and the brain (how we make sense of this movement)

  • Made up of parts that complete a whole - this diverse community of teachers/students/writers, hailing from all over the city/country/world

  • The bones beneath our skin - more truly us, representing our identities, free of the way the world defines us by our outward appearances

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