Our teachers are graduate students in Emerson's MFA/MA program in Writing and Publishing, and have been trained to teach college-level writing in the award-winning First-Year Writing Program.

Below are the teachers for 2018-19:


Diana Fernandez is a third-year MFA student in Creative Writing at Emerson College. Diana has worked as a teaching fellow for Breakthrough, a program which strives to educate and provide resources to motivated students in her home city of Miami, Florida during the summer. Her literary interests include gothic, horror, and science-fiction writers such as Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood. Diana’s goal as a fiction writer is to utilize these genres to reflect on problems and injustices in our own society.


Brandon Melendez is Mexican American poet and educator from California and a current MFA candidate at Emerson College. His debut book will be published in 2019 with Write Bloody Publishing. He is a National Poetry Slam finalist and he won “Best Poem” & “Funniest Poem” at collegiate national poetry competitions while in undergrad. He has taught poetry workshops at UC Berkeley (his alma mater) as well as high schools and charter schools all throughout the Bay Area.  He is interested in the ways the personal can be political and how poetry can be a platform for folks to speak their truth in a way that sparks dialogue and change. Also, he likes cats, that seems important to mention.


Christina Montana is a third-year MFA candidate in Fiction Writing at Emerson College. She graduated from the University of Florida where she was co-editor and creative designer for Subtext Literary Magazine. She was born in Staten Island, NY and raised in the self-proclaimed “paradise” town of Cape Coral, FL. Her writing interests are far-reaching, often dealing with characters in difficult social situations and exploring the ways seemingly minute ordeals produce emotional resonance. Beyond fiction, Christina writes for baseball blogs and freelance edits manuscripts. Her reading interests currently consist of Aaron Thier, Yiyun Li, Laura van den Berg, and Percival Everett.


Jayne Roberts is a third-year MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Emerson College. She is passionate about writing fiction and can't go more than a day without jotting down her next story idea. She currently works as a Marketing Assistant for Rheinwerk Publishing writing press releases, twitter posts, and exceedingly long spreadsheets. It is the most exhausting and worthwhile job of her life. She used to be the Managing Editor of a book publishing firm where she edited several fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. When she's not writing (which isn't often), Jayne spends her time doing origami, teaching herself martial arts, and trying to forget about the series of dreadfully awful poems she had published in college.


Marin Sklan is a third-year MFA candidate in creative fiction at Emerson. Originally from California, she has spent much of the past year navigating Boston’s cultural scene, and trying to figure out what “jimmies” are. Marin has worked in both prose and poetry, and is particularly energized by the convergence of these two genres. Her literary crush is Lars Gustafsson, and her middle name is a misspelling.


Fion Wu is a third-year MFA candidate in Fiction at Emerson. She is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but later moved to the suburbs of Staten Island and then Long Island, and has now found her way to Boston. Writing is a large part of her life. Fion works a lot with the Coming-of-Age and Young Adults genres, while also incorporating language and culture in her writing. She is super excited and looking forward to working with EmersonWRITES students in the coming fall.


San Pham is an emerging artist from Ann Arbor, MI. She received her B.A. from the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing her M.F.A. at Emerson College in Boston, where she now resides. She is interested in combining art and writing to decrease stigma and create dialogue on mental health. Her work centers around her identity as a 2nd generation Vietnamese American, being diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, and as a woman going through Puberty 2. She loves the sun.



Cindy Govender is an MFA Nonfiction Creative Writing student at Emerson College. She has tutored high school students in a Saturday school program in South Africa for a few years. She is particularly interested in literary journalism and human stories from around the globe.