The EmersonWRITES program welcomes students from any Boston Public or Charter School grades 8-12 to apply to our program. Students in our program often come back year after year; we look forward to supporting you on your journey as an emerging young writer, and we hope we can assist you with any and all of your questions about going to college, no matter where that might be.

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I am much more confident as a writer after this program, and I am now definitely aiming to get a career in writing such as becoming an author or a screenwriter.

During the program I realized how many other people appreciate the beauty of writing.

It makes college look a bit less intimidating. I want to assume that nearly every college has at least one comfortable class where students can receive and education and feel supported enough to put in their own input and ask questions if they need to. It always nice when teachers acknowledge that they are not necessarily superior to students but more or less there to help expand their horizons.

I learned the value of networking not only with the other participants, but with the teachers and staff in the program as well. This type of field is especially more inviting when you allow yourself to socialize and work with new people, plus it both you and the people you are forming the connection with have the benefit of gaining more knowledge and advice from each other.

Take risks! EmersonWRITES is a safe community and even though I started the program being really shy, I made new friends and had a great time